Portuguese Table Wines

The Portuguese table wines of today bear little resemblance to wines of 20 years ago but their progress and range has remained largely uncharted. This comprehensive work is intended as an introduction and practical guide to the new table wines of Portugal. It examines the history of the country's winemaking from its beginnings to modern day and covers the country region by region, all of which have been visited by the author. In each region he explains the denomina es de origem controlada and also the host of IPRs (Indica o de Proveni ncia Regulamentada) and wines carrying the legend "vinho regional". There are details of the wealth of cultivars unique to the country which puts Portugal in a magnificent position now that the contemporary wine drinker has grown impatient with the endless wines on the market made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The Portuguese have woken up to their unique treasure trove of flavours and textures and Giles MacDonogh guides you on a journey through one of Europe's most exciting new vinous playgrounds. This book relates the story of the quiet revolution that has been taking place in less than a generation.

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