The New Book of Fondues

Features innovative & colourful ideas inspired by cuisines from around the world Contains over 80 mouth-watering recipes Author won the 2000 'Guild of Food Writers Recipe Writer of the Year Award This book brings the fondue right up to date, and takes advantage of the vast range of new and interesting ingredients available in the shops today. Divided into six sections to cover cheese, fish and seafood, meat and poultry, vegetables, accompaniments and sweets, The New Book of Fondues contains over 80 mouth-watering recipes inspired by a range of cuisines and cooking styles. Classic favourites such as Fondue Bourgignonne and Fondue Savoyarde as well as the chocolate fondue are featured, but the book contains many unusual ideas too. There are variations on the classic cheese fondue such as Mexican fondue with a fiery kick of chilli, or baked pears with melted stilton, while other sections contain tempting ideas such as tiger prawns wrapped in pastry and fried, Mongolian hotpot, and butterscotch and fruit purees. With step-by-step photography, simple instructions at every stage, and a finished shot of every dish, this is the perfect guide to fondue cookery.

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