Fondue is friendly food. Invented by the Swiss, it is now enjoyed around the world. It's the sort of dish you share with a group of your favorite people. Up-and-coming food writer Fiona Smith draws on her experience cooking in the Swiss Alps to create delicious new combinations to share with family and friends. Recipes include Cheese Fondues such as Fondue Neuch√Ętel (of which there are many regional variations), Roasted Tomato Fondue and Swiss Rachlette. Oil Fondues include the classic Fondue Bourguignone, Lamb Fondue (sprinkled with a delicious spice mix). Also included are stylish Modern Fondues, such as Blue Cheese Fondue with Walnut Grissini, and Roasted Red Pepper and Queso Fresco Fondue. And don't forget Sweet Things-Bitter Chocolate with Orange and Chilli or White Chocolate with Lemon and Gin.

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