The Guests Are Here!: Helpful Hints for Easy Enjoyable Entertaining

If you have ever hosted a party, you know the feeling... you spend the day madly cleaning, prepping, cooking and decorating only to realize your guests will arrive in 20 minutes? You jump in the shower and then panic when you hear the doorbell ring....THE GUESTS ARE HERE!  The Guests Are Here! is designed for:       * The First Time Party Host: Looking for tips on invitations, how to set up a bar, and how to run your party.        * The Infrequent Party Host: Looking for a refresher on the timeline before the party and an overview on host duties.        * The Consistent Party Host: Looking for a few new ideas, cocktails or advice on how to handle those awkward party situations.  Mary Gaul is a working woman, business owner, wife, mom, and volunteer. And just like you, someone who enjoys spending time with people that bring happiness into her life!Join her for more party planning tips at:

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