Elegant Thanksgiving Recipes: Upscale Your Traditions

Make your Thanksgiving dinner one they'll remember ...in a good way! With awesome food! Do you search year after year for the perfect Thanksgiving recipes to add a new twist to your traditional turkey and dressing menu? Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday to try to serve something different. Sometimes the tried and true is what everyone wants. So why not give it to them - with some upgrades, of course! This new Thanksgiving recipe book from Natalie Oliver includes a complete menu with recipes for a stunning traditional turkey and dressing meal. Your family and friends will enjoy upscale tradition and never know what hit them! If you've decided to be daring and go with something other than turkey, Natalie also includes two other menus - one with a lamb main course and one with pork. Each mouth watering menu includes appetizers, a main course with several side dishes, a dessert, and a signature drink for the meal. You'll also have a chance to get printable shopping lists for each menu and a BONUS! See inside the book for details!

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