Sweet Treats: Candy, Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, Pudding & Pie

Start right now to fill your life with sweetness and joy. Sweet Treats made with love for friends and family are a wonderful gift, and so easily given. Now you can be excited about how tempting and delicious your sweets and desserts will be – every time! You can become the master sweet chef in your neighbor and among your friends. Of course, your family will love you for it, as well. All of this is easy to achieve with an easy-to-follow recipe book, Sweet Treats, newly released by Nancy N Wilson. There are over 40 tasty recipes to enjoy. You can choose from simple traditional candy, cookies, and cake recipes for parties, holidays or a nice family dinner – to more complicated desserts that can be served at your most elegant dinner parties. With this amazing collection, you will enjoy the fun and pleasure of making your own treats and desserts for friends and family. It's not just about the best recipes for sweet treats and desserts; it is about great entertaining, which is tied to amazing culinary skills. Great food brings abundant pleasure - and sweets are at the top of the list. You will be prepared with the best recipes that can be served with confidence and love. With this cookbook, you will have a recipe collection of amazing “sweets” that will please your family today, and also withstand the test of time to be treasured through the generations. In Sweet Treats, we cover all the bases, giving you the perfect recipes to make you a better sweets chef and dynamic hostess. Pick up your copy TODAY!

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