Gelato Recipes: Make Delicious Homemade Gelato And Sorbet

Gelato Recipes: Make Delicious Homemade Gelato And SorbetGelato is so yummy! I think it's one of my favorite Italisn desserts. So, I decided to create this simple gelato cookbook so you too can enjoy this amazing frozen treat.Making gelato is not difficult. In fact, once you catch the hang of it - It's like a second nature.Here are some of the gelato recipes in my book:1.Gelato Bar Ice-cream2.Caramel Gelato3.Superb Home made Gelato 4.Delicious Vanilla Gelato5.Amazing Mascarpone Gelato6.Sweet Pistachio GelatoSo go ahead and grab your copy of "Gelato Cookbook" NowTags: gelato, gelato recipes, gelato and sorbet, gelato books, gelato cookbook, gelato ice cream,italian desserts cookbook

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