Persian Reading: 50 Iranian Main Food Recipes: For Intermediate to Advanced Persian Learners (Persian Food) (Volume 1) (Persian Edition)

Persian food is the ultimate comforting cuisine, full of robust and rich flavors. It shows you how to master the art of Persian cooking and illustrates how to prepare delicious, nice Persian foods from breakfast to dinner. The fresh and simple recipes will be availiable and perfect for everyday cooking. This book is for those who want to put a fabulous dinner on the table for their Persian friends or just kids. Persian food recipes explain the Persian traditions and the history that defines the way Iranian’s eat. Ranging from traditional foods such as “Ghorme Sabzi” (Persian Green Stew) and “Sabzi Polo ba Mahi” (Herb Rice with Fish) to local foods in the north of Iran. The Persian recipes in this book highlight the Middle East cuisines. Finally, with the help of this cook book, you won't need to travel far to enjoy the authentic flavors of Persian.(This book is in Persian) "AUTHORS"

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