Modern Dim Sum: Delicious bite-size dumplings, rolls, buns and other small snacks

30 recipes for bite-size dumplings, rolls and wrap from China and South-east Asia. Dim Sum are tiny dishes served at the great ‘yun cha’ lunches found in Chinese restaurants around the world. Diners are offered their choice from trolley after trolley of amazing treats such as potsticker dumplings, spring rolls, noodle wraps, and crispy wontons. Going out for Chinese dim sum is a favorite brunch excursion, and the clatter of the carts as the endless plates of dumplings and steamed buns that are presented is part of the experience. But sometimes a leisurely morning in your own kitchen is what beckons most. Have the best of both worlds with this collection of easy to master savory and sweet recipes for steamed, fried, and boiled bite-size dumplings, buns, wraps, and rolls. Learn how to make 3 types of basic dough, work with delicate rice papers, and refine your knife skills to ensure that your filling ingredients are prepared well for perfect results. Ideal for sharing, whether served as a light meal, a feast, or as a nibble with drinks, creating your own fresh dim sum at home is easy and rewarding. Choose from vegetable, meat, and seafood options. Try steamed dumplings – Pork and Prawn Meat, Monk Vegetable and Chinese Broccoli, or choose fried and grilled dim sum recipes which include Grilled Turnip Cakes, Vegetable Spring Rolls, and Teriyaki Tofu.

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