Cooking African: The Discovered Cuisine

Africa. A word that conjures up images of safaris, wildlife, and tribal drums, but not usually food. Until now. When author M. E. Chidiac turned her passion for African safaris into a wildlife photography career, she also began gathering recipes from every corner of Africa —such as the fragrant dishes of North Africa, the exotic tastes from the African islands, and the contemporary creations of South Africa. Now, the Paris-trained foodie is sharing her discoveries in Cooking African: The Discovered Cuisine, a collection of over one hundred exciting, easy-to-create and fun recipes from across the Dark Continent. Adapted to accommodate kitchens and ingredients outside of Africa, the recipes invite us on a food safari. Here are just a few delectable examples from the wide range of creations: Ivory Coast’s Avocado Soup East African Cole Slaw Chicken & Spiced Rice Pilaf Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Raisins & Apricots Zanzibari Fish Cakes with a Coconut Citrus Sauce Angolan Green Rice South African Cape Brandy Pudding Hungry yet? Cooking African serves up a culinary adventure that offers something for every palate.

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