Candery Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Cover – Clear Plastic Bubble Dome Hood with Rubber Grips – Candy Floss Maker Shield – 20.5″ Diameter Universal Fit

Complement any cotton candy creating occasion with the Candery Commercial Acrylic Clear Bubble Cotton Candy Machine Shield. Simply add this dome cover to your cotton candy machine to keep colorful cotton candy creations encased and easily visible to dazzle guests, children, and spectators. Not only does this convenient shield help to protect onlookers from flying crystals, floss, and debris that may occur during the cotton candy creating process, but it's also a great safety solution from preventing children from sticking their hands inside the bowl while the cotton candy is being made. Crafted from high-density clear acrylic, this durable shield is designed for years of long-lasting use and is transparent, so anyone can watch as colorful, scrumptious cotton candy is created right before their eyes. This shield also helps to improve the control of floss, making it much easier to manage while it comes out of the machine. Designed to fit most cotton candy commercial machines, this practical dome features integrated rubber grips to ensure a secure fit. Perfect for any carnival, fair, festival, event, or occasion that can be enhanced with the sweetness of cotton candy. Highlighted features; Safe, convenient, and transparent cotton candy shield protects from flying debris during the cotton candy creating process while allowing onlookers to watch as fluffy, colorful cotton candy is made Perfect for carnivals, festivals, fairs, and any other event that yields a big crowd Crafted from high-density acrylic for outstanding durability Fits Candery cotton candy machines and other machines with an opening of 20.5

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