The Candery

Candery Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Cover – Clear Plastic Bubble Dome Hood with Rubber Grips – Candy Floss Maker Shield – 20.5″ Diameter Universal Fit

Complement any cotton candy creating occasion with the Candery Commercial Acrylic Clear Bubble Cotton Candy Machine Shield. Simply add this dome cover to your cotton candy machine to keep colorful cotton candy creations encased and easily visible to dazzle guests, children, and spectators. Not only does this convenient shield help to protect onlookers from flying crystals, floss, and …

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The Candery Cotton Candy Machine – Bright, Colorful Style- Makes Hard Candy, Sugar Free Candy, Sugar Floss, Homemade Sweets for Birthday Parties – Includes 10 Candy Cones & Scooper

Add some delicious fun to your kid’s lunches or birthday parties by making your very own homemade cotton candy! FLOSS SUGAR SOLD SEPARATELY There’s nothing like going to the fair and experiencing the sugar sweet taste of a giant pink or blue cotton candy cone. It’s like eating a soft, colorful cloud that makes you smile with sugary …

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