Amish Book of Cast Iron Cooking

You won’t find any modern conveniences in an Amish kitchen but what you will find is a place where family gathers for hearty meals and shared time together without electric appliances and gadgets. You will see aluminum and steel pots and pans, but you will also see plenty of cast iron. The Amish are praised for their amazing cooking. Amish style restaurants are popular and folks often drive long distances just to enjoy their food. Much of their cooking revolves around cast iron cookware. The pots and pans are versatile and well crafted. Amish practicality justifies buying items that are long lasting and multi-functional. Cast iron is the perfect fit for the Amish kitchen and for yours, too. Here is your guide to caring for and cooking with cast iron cookware. There are also many traditional Amish recipes that rely on cast iron for their delicious flavor. Enjoy!

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