Days of our Lives Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier, Balanced Life

Visit for more information, and connect with the cast on Facebook at The word "balanced" has been defined as "possessing good judgment, well-grounded, wise." Most of all, having balance in your life equates to having a satisfying and rewarding existence. The lavishly illustrated Days of our Lives Better Living reaches into the private lives of the beautiful cast members and reveals some of their "secrets" for how they have managed to create unique, balanced lifestyles that allow them to look and feel their best anytime, anywhere. The five sections of this inspiring book-Nutrition, Exercise, Style, Inspiration and Balance-are packed with full-color photos, recipes, stories and valuable advice from current and former cast members on various aspects of their lives. "Fashion truly is my passion! I love the expression of it. Don't be afraid to go with bold accessories. They can make or break an outfit."-Lisa Rinna "Growing my own fruits and vegetables is the most effective way I have improved the meals that land on my table."-Deirdre Hall Discover how to... • Get energized with the Brazilian Bombshell Smoothie • Switch up your boring gym routine with dance, martial arts, hiking and more • Master the secret of layering clothing and accessories to polish your personal style • Accept "the middle path"-and learn to let stress go • Do what you love without feeling guilty • And much more! Whether you are interested in discovering the secrets of your favorite current and former cast members (including Deirdre Hall, Molly Burnett, Suzanne Rogers, Eric Martsolf, Galen Gering, James Scott, Austin Peck, Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Koslow, and more!) or looking for tips and tricks to improve your own lifestyle, Days of our Lives Better Living shows that healthy change is attainable and offers fun and easy ways to help you lead a happy, fulfilling life.

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