African Cookbook: Quick and Easy Recipes with Authentic Flavour

#1 Bestseller - African Cooking.  Minna Rose enjoys travelling and loves exploring different cultures through food. She adds her own twists to the recipes she discovers and loves to share the results with her family and friends.Each recipe is presented with detailed instructions and mouth-watering photography, as well as ideas of how to use any leftovers - many of which are delicious recipes in their own right.African food is vibrant, spicy and colourful, utilising the most tantalising flavours from the many cultures who have settled on the continent over the centuries, and creating new and wonderful combinations, combined with traditional foods and cooking methods.Fresh and nutritious food is very important for a healthy life, just as tasty food, shared in good company, is essential for a happy and enjoyable life. Minna Rose's cookbooks combine the two in over twenty recipes, all of which are easy to follow and recreate.  Minna Rose's cookbooks are popular in both the UK and US, as well as around the world, and as a US pint is a very different measurement to a pint in the UK (1 UK pint = 1.2 US pints), the measurements are given in metric to avoid any confusion and ensure that everyone can follow her recipes and expect the same tasty results.        

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