(50 Pack) – 7 Inch Disposable Round Aluminum Foil Take-Out Pans With Board Lids Set – Disposable Tin Containers, Perfect for Baking, Cooking, Catering, Parties, Restaurants by EcoQuality

EcoQuality 7 Inch Disposable Round Aluminum Pans With Board Lids ★ Great For Storing Food ★ Amazing for Reheating Food (Oven / Baking / Stove) ★ Used to Hold / Serve Cold or Hot Foods. Works Great with our Lid Covers Provided ★ Great for Holding in Heat / Moisture Barrier ★ Made of High Quality Recyclable Aluminum Uses for EcoQuality Round Aluminum Pans ✔ Baking your Favorite Dishes ✔ Easy for Transport and Freezing ✔ Packing Left Overs ✔ Great for Catering / Restaurant To-Go Orders ✔ Marinating ✔ Side Dishes / Pastries / Food Service ✔ Office Parties / Portion Control At EcoQuality We Encourage everyone to Recycle and Reuse our Round Aluminum Pans! Used by Many High-end Restaurants and Caterers Across America. Dimensions Dimensions: 7-1/8" Diameter x 1-3/4" Vertical Depth.

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