Tiger Chef Durable Half Size Deep Aluminum Foil Pans with Clear Dome Lids, Multi-Purpose Pans With Covers, 9″ X 13″ Size (Pack of 25)

The Tiger Chef aluminum 9 x 13 inch pans and clear dome lids are disposable, and can be used to store, freeze and serve food. Aluminum foil containers hold in heat, serve as a moisture and oxygen barrier for freshness, and can be recycled. Unlike other aluminum foil pans, ours is made with heavy-duty aluminum for strength, ease-of-use, and re-use! Choose the size that fits your needs or order an assortment, to fit the most popular cooking needs. Bake your favorite dish, snap on a lid, and you can easily freeze or carry it along to share with friends and family. These pans are ideal for small Take-Out, Side Dishes, Pastries, and Food Service, and work great for hot or cold food. Dimesions: 9" x 13" x 2.5" Deep

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