150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes

Do you love the taste, healthiness and versatility of chicken? Are you looking for new recipes to add some variety to mealtimes? Chicken is one of the most popular meats that people from all over the world eat. Its flexibility means you can eat it hot or cold, as a starter or main, in soups, stews and a multitude of other dishes. And now, with 150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes, you have a whole new range of recipes that are quick to make, delicious and nutritious too, including recipes like: Zesty chicken and rice Bombay chicken Chicken and black bean enchiladas Chicken kabobs Cobb salad Saucy chicken breasts And many more… With so many dishes to choose from, you could eat chicken several days of the week and never tire of it. And with sections which include tips on the various cooking styles you can use, full instructions and ingredients you'll need, this is a one-stop book for chicken recipes that is second to none. Get a copy of 150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes today and make something different for supper!

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