Quiche Cookbook

52 Quiche Recipes in This Cookbook A quiche is a wonderful and savory egg pie that originated in Lorraine, France in 1605.A quiche usually has a crust, however in America there are crust-less varieties to satisfy anyone on a low carb diet. There are many varieties of quiche pies available with various vegetables, cheeses and meats added to the filling to create as many different unique combinations as possible. Vegans use tofu instead of eggs to create a variety that adheres to their dietary palette. This cookbook explores a plethora of delicious mouthwatering quiche recipes for everyone to try. Recipes Include: Quiche LorraineBroccoli QuicheBacon and Cheese QuicheBacon, Onion and Cheese Stuffed BurgersBroccoli Quiche with Mashed Potato CrustAsparagus and Mushroom QuicheAsparagus QuicheAsparagus Mushroom Bacon Crustless QuicheCrab QuicheCrab and Swiss QuicheSalmon and Swiss Chard QuicheSpinach and Red Chard QuicheEggless Tofu Spinach QuicheVegan Spinach Artichoke QuicheSpinach Muenster QuicheBroccoli QuicheTofu Broccoli QuicheBroccoli and Ham QuicheCauliflower QuicheShrimp QuicheSausage Mushroom QuichePotato and Chorizo Mini QuichesSausage and Sun-Dried Tomato QuicheKale, Tomato, and Leek QuicheGoat Cheese and Leek QuichePesto Goat Cheese QuicheAsparagus Chicken QuicheChicken Spinach QuicheSpring Vegetable QuicheSour Cream Chicken QuicheBacon Cheddar QuicheBuffalo Chicken QuicheSriracha Zucchini and Cheese QuicheMediterranean QuicheSpinach and Feta QuicheJalape├▒o QuicheGreen Chile Spinach QuicheMexican QuicheButternut Squash And Kale QuicheSpinach Ricotta QuicheLobster QuicheHam and Cheese QuicheLeek and Ham QuicheSeafood QuicheSalmon Pea and Dill QuicheHam Hash Brown QuicheSausage Hash Brown QuicheChicken Asiago Spinach QuicheBacon Hash Brown QuichePulled Pork BBQ QuicheTomato Onion QuicheTomato Bacon Quiche

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