The Unofficial Big Green Egg Cookbook: The Ultimate Cookbook for Smoked Meat Lovers, Complete BBQ Cookbook for Smoking Meat, Fish, Game and Vegetables

Complete Ceramic Smoker and Grill CookbookThe ultimate how-to guide for smoking all types of pork, beef, fish, seafood poultry, lamb, vegetables, snacks, game, and rabbit. The book includes full-color photographs of every finished meal to make your job easier.Find these recipes in this authentic cookbook:Barbeque Roast BeefBlackberry Glazed Pork LoinGarlic & Cinnamon Pork Loin ChopsBarbecue Lamb ChopsSmoked Chicken BreastCitrus Turkey LegsSweet & Sour SalmonGarlic and Parsley PrawnsScallop Filled Chicken BreastOrange Glazed DuckSmoked Venison RoastMiso Marinated MushroomsSweet Potato Mash“Smoking is an art”. With a little time & practice, even you can become an expert. Once you become an expert with smoking technique, believe me, you would never look for other cooking techniques. To find one which smoking technique works for you, you must experiment with different woods & cooking methods. Just cook the meat over indirect heat source & cook it for hours. When smoking your meats, it’s very important that you let the smoke to escape & move around. With white smoke, you can boost the flavor of your food. In addition to this statement, you can preserve the nutrition present in the food as well.

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