The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Eggs (The Culinary Library) (Volume 6)

If chefs are the conductors of the kitchen and Sauciers their soloists, then Egg cooks, without doubt, are the rock stars. No other food is so simple and so complex, so complete yet versatile. Eggs can be stored for weeks, used morning, noon and night, are available any season and ready to eat in minutes. Volume 6 of The Culinary Library is the definitive technique and recipe book for beginners, students and chefs with over 500 of the world's best egg recipes. The greatest cook in the world, M Antonin Careme, said no student of the culinary arts could claim success if they did not know how to cook eggs.He invented the chefs hat, called a torque, with white for purity of the art, height for achievement and aspiration, with each pleat representing the number of ways a chef had mastered in preparing Eggs. Careme's torque had 100 pleats! There are many good cookbooks devoted to Eggs, none as comprehensive, so well researched nor as exciting as this new Volume from The Culinary Library.

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