The Rainbow Diet: A Holistic Approach to Radiant Health Through Foods and Supplements

Eating Healthy Is Colorful, Not ComplicatedDon’t just eat your greens―eat your reds, yellows, and blues too. In The Rainbow Diet, nutritionist and health expert Dr. Deanna Minich introduces a cutting-edge way to achieve an inner rainbow of optimal health.A painted platter. Forget about bland, colorless diet foods―it’s time to taste the rainbow. Vibrant health begins when we add color to our diet with the right foods and supplements. Inside, find specific colorful foods, supplements, and recipes you can eat, as well as activities to help you heal and flourish. You’ll learn how to make a colorful plate, featuring a rainbow spread of natural foods that provide your body with the essential nutrients necessary for mental clarity, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual fulfillment.Meals that heal. The Rainbow Diet combines ancient healing and eating practices with modern nutritional science. Unlike most fragmented nutrition paradigms that solely assess food intake, The Rainbow Diet puts body, psychology, eating, and living together into one view.An artist’s palette, a foodie’s palate. Taking all aspects of your life into consideration, Dr. Minch gives readers an easy to follow transformational guide to attaining physical, mental, and spiritual health through colorful whole foods and natural supplements. Throughout, she uses the properties of color to help guide you, like:Yellow for the bright radiance of your intellectRed for the grounding, physical issues of your bodyIndigo for the deeper knowledge and intuition we all carryGo beyond primary colors and take in the entire color spectrum. If you’re interested in natural eating, and enjoyed books like Whole Detox, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, What Color Is Your Diet? and Eat Your Colors, you’ll delight in The Rainbow Diet.

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