The Ghent Bar and Beer Guide: A beer tourist’s guide to the best bars, breweries and bottle shops in Ghent

In this handy guide we've provided details of what we consider the Top 10 best beer bars and cafes to visit during your stay in Ghent (Gent). You'll also find details of the two breweries that are open for tours, the top monuments, attractions and museums that you can visit and the best Belgium bottle shops in town. Our aim is to provide the perfect companion for any keen beer tourist. Ghent (Gent) is the third largest city in Belgium and is built at the strategic location where the rivers Leie and Scheldt converge. There are many splendid guildhalls along the river banks to highlight the cities busy trading past. In the historic city centre you'll find the stunning St Bavo's Cathedral, Belfry, Town Hall as well as a medieval castle, all of which is lit up beautifully at night.

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