The Cast Iron Cookbook: 30 Delicious Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes You Can Cook in Your Cast Iron Skillet

Learn to Cook Delicious Meals With Your Classic Cast Iron Skillet If you’ve ever cooked with cast iron cookware then you will know the satisfaction it brings. Despite all the technological advancements that have come along in kitchenware, the cast iron pan remains a classic. Adored by chefs around the world, cast iron pans are unparalleled for cooking with. No over pan gives the same even heat distribution and if you’re looking to cook restaurant quality food then you need to use a cast iron pan. Despite how amazing cast iron pans are, they remain very low cost whilst lasting for many, many years. So there is really no reason you shouldn’t be cooking with one! In this book you will learn to cook absolutely delicious meals in your cast iron skillet. All 30 recipes have been specifically designed for cooking in a cast iron skillet, your friends and family will love them all. The ability to transfer your pan back and forth between the oven and stovetop opens amazing cooking opportunities and that’s what this book is about. You will learn the recipes for: - Frittatas - Risottos - Baked Pastas - Quesadillas - Paellas - Pizzas - S’mores And much, much more. If you’ve ever wanted to cook quick, easy and amazing meals in your cast-iron skillet then grab this book now. Every recipes is simple to cook and is perfect for beginners all the way to advance chefs. So, don’t let that cast iron skillet sit in a cupboard unused, whip it out and learn why it’s the best piece of kitchen equipment available. I know you’re going to love it. FREE GIFT: And don’t forget to grab your free gift, just my way of saying thanks for buying.

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