Tequila by the producers themselves

Tequila by the Producers Themselves, involves taking a magical journey through the senses, aromas, landscapes, flavors, legends and the art of producing tequila. Elvira Abad, Graphic designer with a background in the media. Fascinated by the world of tequila, she has decided to give voice to those who make possible the magical transformation of agave into tequila through the pages of Tequila by the Producers Themselves, while paying tribute to the Mexican drink par excellence and discovering new facets of the wonderful tequila culture. Eva Aguirre, Psychologist, journalist and expert in the tequila industry. Her high sensitivity and training as a psychologist allows her to perceive the feelings and intentions of the persons she interviewed and to express and convey their ideas gracefully and elegantly. Michelle Lopez, a Communicator who has cultivated the arts of journalism, fine arts and poetry, has been a collaborator in Mexican media and several other literary publications. She is also a visual artist who focuses on the energy transmitted by each of her works. Sol Fortoul, journalist with experience in the media and in publishing, is devoted to her profession. She has showcased her unique artistic style in the articles she has written specializing in tequila.

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