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Mad About Macarons!: Make Macarons Like the French

The best guide available for making Parisian macarons at home. Jill Colonna guides you simply yet precisely through each step in making perfect Parisian macarons every time. Stylish and fun, this colorful book contains 37 tried-and-tested macaron recipes plus well over a hundred mouth-watering photos. Classics contain rose or pistachio and also include a nut-free macaron. …

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Chocolate – Make and Mould Your Own Chocolate Bars

In recent years, chocolate-bar varieties have multiplied, ideas and inventions abound in the chocolate industry, and the chocolate-bar section in stores just keeps growing. We are clearly far from the first chocolate bar, created in 1840 and eaten for its medicinal properties. Today, chocolate is an everyday food, with Europeans eating an average of 15 pounds of it …

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