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Drink Progressively: A Bold New Way to Pair Wine and Food

DRINK PROGRESSIVELY offers readers an easy and enjoyable way to find wines they love and expert advice on how to successfully pair them with their favorites dishes. Based on the trademarked method of The Urban Grape, a wildly popular wine store based in Boston, MA that utilizes Progressive Shelving, Drink Progressively offers a unique approach to identifying wines …

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The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook

What happens when you appeal to Kickstarter to fund your first attempt at making a bowl of potato salad? Well, if you’re Zack Brown, you end up raising $55,492, a story that goes viral, a charity-minded “PotatoStock” Festival, and, eventually, a potato salad cookbook for the masses. The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook is the result of …

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The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook: 130 Healthy Recipes for Today’s Home Cook

In Laura Lea Golberg’s new cookbook, “The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook”, the rubber of old-fashioned home-cooking meets the road of new healthy-food. With over 130 approachable, comforting, make-ahead recipes, this first cookbook from the creator of the popular “LLBalanced” website reaffirms that balance is possible: you can find the joy, relaxation, and healing of cooking for yourself, family, …

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