Seibundo Shinkosha

Japanese Knives and Sharpening Techniques (Japanese-English Bilingual Books)

Recently traditional Japanese kitchen knives are gaining as high recognition and attention as the Japanese food itself.This book covers everything on knives, from Japanese and Chinese to western, from their styles, features, basic knowledge of knives to sharpening stones and techniques in a single volume. Written in both English and Japanese, this book will appeal to those who …

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How to Care for Japanese Kitchen Utensils (Japanese-English Bilingual Books)

There are so many types of kitchen tools and utensils such as wooden cutting board, iron pan, aluminum pot, carbon steel knife and stainless steel kitchen shears. However, almost all people don’t take care of them correctly and ruin them easily.The author puts it in this book: “Taking care of tools” is sometimes understood to mean “keep them …

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