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Blue Hills and Shoofly Pie in Pennsylvania Dutchland

While journalist and author Ann Hark spent many years in Philadelphia, the hills and farmlands of south-central Pennsylvania captured her heart. Her fascination with Pennsylvania Germans (especially Plain folk) and their ways led to research into everything from recipes to pottery, superstitions to ceremonies. She attended an Amish wedding and a Dunker love-feast, watched applebutter being made, and …

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Pennsylvania German Cookery: A Regional Cookbook

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then the way to a people’s heart is through its cuisine. This book, more than volumes of history, takes you straight to the heart of a most loveable people-the Pennsylvania Germans. Their cookery has influenced the eating habits of our nation. This book contains more than 500 …

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Cherokee Cooklore: Preparing Cherokee Foods (Reprint Edition)

First published in 1951, Cherokee Cooklore introduces us to traditional Cherokee cooking. It starts with a photographic essay as Aggie Lossiah demonstrates how she makes bean bread. This is followed by recipes gathered from the North Carolina Cherokee community (including yellowjacket soup, blood pudding, hominy corn drink, baked squirrel, and hickory nut soup). A description of Cherokee food …

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