My No-Knead Bread Cookbook (B&W Version): From the Kitchen of Artisan Bread with Steve

This is the ideal bread cookbook for the newbie… the first timer… the future baker… because I will show you how to make bread in a glass bowl with a spoon… without dusting the counter with flour or touching the dough with your hands. It’s called the “hands-free technique”. It uses the principles of a bread machine… without the bread machine. There are three basic methods for making bread… - Knead by hand… the most common method. - Bread machine… very popular, but your loaf will have a silly little paddle in the bottom. - No-knead… a method in which Mother Nature does the kneading for you. This cookbook uses the “no-knead” method. The advantages are… - No kneading… Mother Nature does the kneading for you. - No yeast proofing… instant yeast doesn’t require proofing. - No special equipment (no mixer, no bread machine)… entire process is done in a glass bowl with a spoon and spatula, and can be baked in a wide variety of baking vessels (bread pan, uncovered baker, skillet, preheated Dutch oven, etc.). - Only 4 ingredients (flour, salt, yeast and water)… to which other ingredients can be added to make a variety of specialty breads. There are two methods for making no-knead bread… - Traditional… proofs for 8 to 24 hours. - “Turbo”… ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours. This cookbook will start by teaching you how to make no-knead bread using the traditional method, then “Turbo” method, because the traditional method is more popular and a little easier. No-knead bread can be bake in a variety of baking vessels… - Bread pan… the #1 baking vessel for bread - Dutch oven… ideal for baking a round loaf (boule) - Long covered baker… ideal for baking half loaves and long loaves. - Poor man’s Dutch oven… combines the ease of baking in a bread pan with the principles of baking in a Dutch oven. This cookbook starts by showing you how to bake no-knead bread in a bread pan… it’s easy and safer than working with a hot Dutch oven. Then we will expand our use of baking vessels to include the Dutch oven, covered baker, and “poor man’s Dutch oven” (PMDO). And we won’t stop there. This cookbook will also show you how to make rolls, pizza, and pretzels.. - Rolls… you’ll learn how to use bakeware to shape the rolls for you. - Pizza… you’ll learn how to make you own pizza dough. - Pretzels… add one step to the process and you’ll have pretzels. What makes this cookbook different from others is… - “Hands-free technique”… a new and innovative technique that uses the handle end of a plastic spoon to manipulate the dough (like a dough hook) after which the dough goes straight from the mixing bowl to the baking vessel (bread pan, etc.) without dusting the work surface with flour or touching the dough with your hands. - “Roll-to-coat”… an innovative technique that coats the dough ball with flour in the mixing bowl. No more sticky dough. When the dough comes out of the bowl it will be easy to handle if you wish to divide the dough into portion to make baguettes, rolls, etc. - “Poor man’s Dutch oven”… new and innovative technique which combines the ease of baking in a bread pan with the principles of baking in a Dutch oven. The cookbook also includes sections that will help you understand ingredients, technique, and bakeware. In others words, I start with the simplest recipe, then add one technique or method until you’re a master baker. Step by step, this cookbook will take you on a journey you will love and enjoy. Thanks - Steve

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