Lourdas: A Greek Family Cookbook

You'll love the YemistesPipieriestsiYiayias, the Fassoulatha and the fantastic Karidopita! Compiled of the "best of the best" recipes from her Greek family and award winning restaurant, along with inspiring family stories and fascinating trips to Greece, Lourdas: A Greek Family Cookbook will teach you how to create delicious dishes that your whole family will enjoy! From Greek soul food to soup and desserts, these exquisite recipes will bring your whole family to the dinner table. The role of family, celebrations, and cooking techniques kindled the beginnings of author Marina Kamilatos' passion for cooking. Each recipe is taken from her father's island of Kefalonia and her mother's Macedonian heritage, and then adapted to her own unqiue style of cooking. Marina is the chef owner of Lourdas Greek Taverna in Bryn Mawr, a restaurant in the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia. Publisher's Web site: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/Lourdas-AGreekFamilyCookbook.html

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