Jar Food: Recipes for On-the-Go

Desk lunches, picnics and food to go needn’t be boring, expensive or unhealthy. This book features 30 easy recipes that are healthy, nutritious and ideal for people with little time to spare. All recipes require little to no equipment except for your chosen jar. The book covers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The recipes feature overnight oats, satisfying salads, noodle soups and Mediterranean falafel. All recipes require minimum preparation—while some recipes need to be made night before, others can be assembled on the day. Each recipe combines punchy and colorful healthy ingredients with lots of layers and interesting dressings. Not only quick and simple, with a home-made savory salad jar, you can see at a glance what proportion of carbs, veg and protein you have by looking at the width of the stripes—it’s a food pyramid in a jar. Includes dual measures.

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