Instant Pot Mini Cookbook: Learn How to Master Your Instant Pot Mini. Must-Have, Easy and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes that Put Your Pressure Cooker to Work

Learn How To Master Your Instant Pot Mini and Enjoy Delicious Meals at HomeAre you considering buying an Instant Pot or get one as a gift, and now scratching your head as to where to start?Are you busy person and need to save more time for work or just for yourself?Are you excited to cook amazing, super healthy and fast meals at home?So, this Instant Pot Mini Cookbook Can Help You.If you are an Mini Instant Pot beginner, you should start here and find some useful information in this book. You feel like you can conquer the world with your Mini Instant Pot. Once you feel more comfortable turning on and using your Mini Instant Pot, you will be using this every day. You can trust, this multi-purpose kitchen essential will make your life that much simpler! You can find some mouthwatering recipes in Instant Pot Mini Cookbook that were made for the trendy, all-in-one appliance:Cheesy Breakfast PotatoesSpinach & Chickpea CurryLemon Dijon TilapiaBeef LasagnaPea & Potato Side and etc.Please Note: Paperback is available in 2 formats ( black and white and colorful)

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