How to Cook Halloumi: 30 Vegetarian Feasts for Every Occasion

Vegetarians love halloumi. It is moist, chewy and tender. Salty, meaty and umami - all flavours and textures that are extremely welcome on a vegetarian plate. But for too long, halloumi has been relegated to the realms of simple pan-frying. This cheese can do so much more. Grated, cubed, layered and wrapped... Marinated, spiced and seasoned... Caramelised, roasted, baked and seared... Battered, braised, fried and melted... Get the very best out of halloumi cheese with these happy, healthy vegetarian recipes - each absolutely bursting with flavour. This book presents a range of feasts - not just meals, but magnificent multi-recipe arrays - bright with fresh vegetables, spices and seasonings and each showing halloumi at its cheesiest, chewiest, saltiest best. The recipes in this book are crowd-pleasers - dishes that will have diners fighting over the last scrap of delicious toasty cheese. Whether that's a lazy Sunday brunch, a quick weeknight dinner or an outstanding party spread that truly leaves your guests dazzled. It's time for halloumi to shine.

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