Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake for Sweet Tooth Fanatics

Over the top, mega and indulgent are the best words to describe this new dessert. A freakshake is a concoction of milkshake, cake, donut, biscuit, anything-you-like sweet-tastic combination. We’ll show you how to make an indulgent, creamy milkshake base that can then be topped with anything of your choosing to create your unique freakshake. Broken into chapters on basics, toppings, sauces and syrups, this enables you to make your freakshake as crazy as you like. We’ve included freakshake ideas such as a Sweet and Sour Lemon Pie, Gooey Double Chocolate Oreo Bar, Matcha Coffee Cream and a Salted Caramel Banoffee Cream. Overflowing with cream, chocolate, brownies, cakes, biscuits, and sauce, a freakshake is the perfect dessert for sweet tooth fanatics. Includes dual measures.

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