EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Guard Set (10-Piece Set) Universal Blade Edge Protectors for Chef, Serrated, Japanese, Paring Knives | Heavy-Duty Safety and Protection | Slip-On

Protect your kitchen knives by keeping them safe and sharp with EVERPRIDE knife guards designed for ultimate coverage and protection. When it comes to keeping kitchen knives in drawers, they can easily get nicked up, damaged, or dulled quickly; more importantly, they could cut you when you reach into the drawer if not properly protected. That's why we created EVERPRIDE Knife Edge Guards, a 10-piece knife sheath set that helps better protect your blades while also making it safer for you to rummage around in your kitchen drawers without fear of cutting your fingers or hands. Simply slip them over the tip of your chef's, Japanese, paring, boning, or daily food prep knives and enjoy superior knife protection that's good for you and your blades. Product Details: Knife Guard Set (10-Piece Kit) Heavy-Duty Blade Protection Compatible with Most Knives Long-Lasting Reusability EVERPRIDE Logo 10 Essential Sizes: 4.75" x 1" 4.75" x 1" 6" x 1.25" 6" x 1.25" 8" x 2" 8" x 2" 10" x 1.50" 10 x 1.50" 10 x 2.25" 12 x 1.40" Click 'Add to Cart' above now to get this 10-piece knife guard set perfect for keeping all your favorite knives sharp, safe, and protected.

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