ELASTOMOULE Silicone Mold, 20 Mini-Canelés, 8.25″ x 7″

Developed by De Buyer research team and used by French world champion pastry chefs, the elastomoule line of silicone molds are made from a combination of silicone foam and metal powder. This silicone material can withstand temperatures of -90 Degree F. To 580 Degree F. Making them perfect for both cold and hot applications. Naturally non-stick these molds heat perfectly resulting in even browning and caramelization. Easy to use, place the silicone mold directly on the oven grid and not on a tray for perfect heat convection. The temperature for the silicone mold should be the same as a traditional metal pan. When using a traditional oven place the grid in the lower part of the oven for best results. Each mold comes packaged in a gift box with usage and care instructions and includes a recipe specific for that mold.

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