Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Laugh, Love and Eat

More than 100 delicious recipes from the one-and-only Quad Webb Welcome to Quad's kitchen. Get ready to cook with spirit, eat with gusto, and laugh with abandon. Whether you follow her on Bravo’s Married to Medicine, are a regular watcher of Sister Circle, or have tuned into her Cooking with Miss Quad Instagram videos, you will want to add this long-anticipated cookbook to your repertoire. Cooking is a pleasure and a respite for this star; it’s an expression of love she wants to share with all her fans. Quad learned to cook from her mother, growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, so she’s been cooking her entire life and insists that she’s made every mistake possible behind a stove. Here she encourages even complete beginners to give cooking a try with delicious, updated southern classics, such as: Jalapeno Cheese HushpuppiesCajun Deviled EggsPeach, Fig, and Arugula SaladCornmeal-Dusted CatfishMemphis Dry Rub RibsBasil Pesto ChickenQuad's energy in the kitchen is contagious, as is her passion for teaching others to overcome kitchen intimidation. 100 color photographs

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