Cookies: 365 Days of Cookie Recipes (Cookie Cookbook, Cookie Recipe Book, Desserts, Sugar Cookie Recipe, Easy Baking Cookies, Top Delicious Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holiday Cookies)

CookiesTODAY SPECIAL PRICE - 365 Days of Cookie Recipes (Limited Edition)Everyone loves cookies, whether they are crisp or chewy, soft or crunchy. Despite their simple look,cookies are glorious through their taste, texture and the ease of storing and they sure bring joy to everyhouse!Cookies are well-known around the globe and can be found in every culture gracing the tables in allsorts of occasions. What makes them unique is their versatility. Every recipe is a new opportunity toexperiment with ingredients, try out new flavor mixes and play with textures.In this book, you will find different types of cookies from all over the world, different ways of makingthem, different colors and flavors as well as textures. There’s a bit for every taste! Download this booknow and discover:The best cookie recipes you will ever make and taste!How to make various types of cookies.Easy recipes that even beginners can make.The 365 recipes found in this book are mouth-watering and make excellent gifts for your loved ones!Because that’s the essence of it all! Sharing cookies with your family, friends or simply strangers is thebest feeling ever! It does bring a certain fulfillment that nothing else can!So wait no more, buy this book today and allow yourself dive into the world of cookies and enjoy every bit of it

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