Chili Recipes : 50 Delicious of Chili Cookbooks

Chili is one of the most common cooking ingredients in this twenty first century. Although chili originated from the South America country called Mexico, it has gradually gained grounds to the extent that it is used in almost all parts of the world. This is evident as many cultivars of chili are spread across Africa, South America, Asia and even some parts of the USA and Europe. However, different species of chili are cultivated in different parts of the world. These species obviously vary in colors and shapes depending on their regions of cultivation. Although chilies are seasonal, they can be available in markets all year round either in the fresh, dry or powdered forms. Also, worth mentioning is the fact that chilies are usually associated with many traditions and cultures. In some parts of the world especially in Africa and in South America, chili is somewhat a compulsory ingredient that goes with all food stuff because of its exotic flavor. On the other hand, a lot of people especially Europeans and Native Americans do find chilies (especially hot chilies) unpleasant because of its pungency nature.

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