Brod & Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener Solid Stainless Steel and Austrian Tungsten Carbide

A New Approach to Knife SharpeningBrød & Taylor sharpeners use a radically new sharpening technique, borrowed from high-tech CNC metal machining. Two extremely hard man-made tungsten carbide sharpeners are ground to a specialized, precision shape and mounted on spring-action bars. This patented system will cut precise factory bevel (12 to 20 deg), then polish and align the bevel to a razor edge. No other sharpening technique will cut a factory bevel as quickly, or re-align and polish an edge without removing metal. Light pressure cuts a more delicate but extremely sharp 12 degree bevel, perfect for fine slicing or filleting. Firm pressure cuts a sturdy 20 degree bevelGet out of the GrindTraditional knife sharpening uses a series of natural or man-made abrasives to grind away metal and then hone to create a sharp edge. Hand sharpening on multiple stones takes time, equipment, practice and a lot of patience. Inexpensive pull through sharpeners with abrasives short cut this process with disappointing results. Edges can be rough and scratched, while fine abrasives are quickly embedded with metal dust becoming ineffective. Sharpening angle is fixed. High quality and serrated blades can be ruined.Brod and Taylor's patented system uses precision sharpeners with two edges. The "leading edge" of the sharper is ground to a sharp corner, cutting a smooth bevel on a metal blade with a few quick strokes. The "trailing edge" is ground with a small, smooth bevel that re-aligns and smooths the edge into shape like a well-controlled chef's steel. It only takes seconds to realign a blade and maintain a sharp knife.Sharpening Serrated KnivesSerrated knives present a real challenge to nearly every sharpening technique. The Brød & Taylor sharpener is able to re-align and hone the entire beveled knife edge without damaging the flat side. By angling the knife to one side, the spring-loaded sharpening surface hugs the surface of each serration.

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