Blender Recipe Cookbook: Healthy Smoothie, Soup and Dessert Recipes for your HIgh Speed Blender

Take your Vitamix or Ninja high speed blender to the next level! Do you have a Vitamix, Ninja, or some other high-speed blender waiting to realize its full potential? Or maybe you've been contemplating what it would be like to make your own healthy smoothies, soups and desserts. If so, you're going to love this book!This easy read is designed for people like you who need simple, delicious recipes for a healthy lifestyle. The Blender Recipe Cookbook is compiled with 45 unique recipes from smoothies to soups, and of course we can't forget dessert!. Using all natural, wholesome ingredients, each recipe is packed full of nutrition that tastes so good you'll be on to the next recipe before you've finished the first. Nutrition details are also included to ease your mind, knowing that you're enjoying something that's truly good for you.You'll learn how to use your blender, which blender is the best for your needs, and how to make phenomenal smoothies, soups and desserts that are so much better for you than the average product at your local market. Taste doesn't have to suffer in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And this book is going to show you just how easy it is to have both. Go on, dust off that blender and give it a whirl! FREE CONTENT: Look inside the book and follow the link to download your free Blender Buying Guide.

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