Black Orchids (Nero Wolfe, 9)

Here in one book are two Nero Wolfe mysteries, both of them complete with Archie Goodwin! It's a double treat for Nero's fans, and a double must for any reader who is so unfortunate as not to have made their acquaintance. In Black Orchids trouble comes to Nero when he goes to the flower show -- Nero always gets in trouble when he goes out -- but when he finds that Inspector Cramer more than half believes that Archie is the murderer, he really stirs himself. In Cordially Invited to Meet Death, Bess Huddleston, a high-powered, high-society social secretary sort of woman, comes to Nero Wolfe with two anonymous letter. The letters involved her and she was afraid that if they went on she would lose her business as a party arranger for the high and lofty. When Archie went to investigate he ran right into the middle of a very unpleasant murder. And then it was up to Nero Wolfe. These two mysteries present Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin at their brilliant and exciting best.

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