Beer in Maryland: A History of Breweries Since Colonial Times

[This engrossing and passionate narrative of Maryland's fermented history begins with the earliest brewers in the colony- women, and wends its way into the modern world, revealing long held secrets and little known details of the brewing families and their birthrights. The impact of war, competition, the industrial revolution, the devastation of Prohibition, and changing political philosophies are detailed. Intimate never before told histories are woven throughout this unique, spellbinding account, unearthing tales of murder, scandal, intrigue, and perseverance through debilitating loss and heartache. The sacrifices and dedication of the brewers to their craft are examined along with the roles they played in building their communities, and giving back to those that embraced them. Vital attention is paid to the challenges modern craft beer pioneers face, from monopolistic macro breweries and trademark quandaries, to hop shortages, all while attempting to establish their own legacy for future generations. This absolutely unique work changes our understanding of the industry in the state and the region. It is more than a notation in the historical record, this is a riveting account of stories that must be told about a trade that has grabbed everyone's attention, whether beer aficionado or mere lover of history.]

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