4-Piece Bake Even Strip,Cake Pan Strips,Cake Pan Dampen Strips,Cake Pan Strips, Super Absorbent Thick Cotton,Keeps Cakes More Level and Prevents Crowning with Cleaner Edges for a Professional Look

Specification:   Material: Cotton and Fabric   Package Includes: three 35" long x 1.5" wide Bake Even Strip   Excellent perfect baking tool for bake level cakes Bake moist, bake even cake perfectly       How to use:   Easy to use: Just dampen Bake Even strips and wrap around the pan before baking   Single cake strip fits for (6" * 2") - 8"- 9" -10" and 12" round cake pan   The moisture in the strips keeps the edges of the pan cooler for perfectly level and deliciously moist cakes-every time!     Make a perfect cake for your family     You can connect multiple strips together to fit any other pan. Cake Strips Cake Pan Strips Bake Even Strip Bake Even Cake Strips can be used on round, square, and oblong pans. Since you are going to combine at least 2 strips to cover the entire circumference of any pan, you just adjust the tightness of the strips on the pan you are using. Insulates metal cake pans to even out heat distribution; cake sides and center bake equally; no more dried out edges or raw centers

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