World War I Commemorative Cook Book: A Culinary Journey Through Our Military History

More than just a cookbook! This is a culinary journey through the period when the Anzac legend was born. A collection of delicious recipes influenced by the battle locations and era of WWI, combined with short narratives tracing the contributions and history of the Anzacs, this book brings the wartime conditions and flavorsome food from the period to life. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and traditional recipes prepared with a modern twist, this cookbook showcases the hearty style of cooking evocative of this time. This tour starts in Australia and moves through Turkey, the Middle East and the Western Front, including recipes from New Zealand, English, French, German and Ottoman cuisines. Featuring a combination of classics like Anzac Biscuits, Turkish Delight and Osso Bucco Potato Pie together with appealing recipes like Roo Tail Stew and Herb Damper and Harissa Spiced Lamb Backstrap salad; each tantalizing recipe is accompanied by vibrant full color images. The Anzac Cookbook commemorates and honors our WWI soldiers. All proceeds will go to Soldier On, helping our wounded warriors.

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