What Real Alaskans Eat: Not Your Ordinary Cookbook

A serious since he was 11, and a funny fellow for as long as anyone can remember, author J. Stephen Lay has crafted an unusual recipe book that will entertain and delight well causing your mouth to water... well, MOST of the time. When you add the fish to a recipe for Eskimo Ice Cream, you might have second thoughts about dessert. The author's recipe for brussels sprouts, which he hates beyond reason, borders on slander against this poor, defenseless vegetable. And he's rather disrespectful of the ubiquitous zucchini, too. But what are you going to do with someone who inserts beer for the chef into his recipes? Notables among the 45 recipes are Cranberry Moose Chili, roasted Beaver Tale, Russian Salmon Pie, Alaska-Style Borscht, and Honey That Never Saw a Bear. You'll need fish heads, skunk cabbage, and a couple of shovels for the Stink Head recipe.

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