What a Good Eater!

What a Good Eater! is a baby and toddler cookbook filled with wholesome, family-friendly recipes designed to promote a well-rounded eater right from the get-go. It is written by two moms who believe that introducing flavorful foods using herbs and spices and exposing children to a variety of colors, flavors, and textures while they are young encourages openness, minimizes picky-eating habits, and sets the stage—and table—for positive future family meal experiences. Created with the careful guidance of pediatricians, nutritionists, registered dietitians, and naturopaths, recipes include a variety of powerhouse foods, such as kale and salmon, soothing herbs and spices from cardamom to rosemary, and a glossary of herbs and spices with potential health benefits. Parents are guided on how to feed their babies and establish healthy eating habits from the start. With chapters dedicated to frequently asked questions and helpful tips, such as troubleshooting picky eating and staying away from “food ruts,” you’ll find answers to many feeding questions not often answered during pediatrician visits. Authors Alessandra and Amy are busy moms who understand the majority of recipes need to be ready in about 30 minutes or less, and that cooking daily with little ones can pose a challenge! For this reason, most recipes yield large quantities so that you can cook once and enjoy repeatedly. What a Good Eater! approaches food for your baby in simple, nutritious, age-appropriate steps beginning from her first meals and advancing well into toddlerhood and beyond. These nourishing dishes are bound to keep bellies full, and the aromas will make your kitchen smell fantastic, all while giving your child the gift of an expansive flavor profile from early on. In these pages you will find: 60 recipes with beautiful photographs, from first foods to toddlerhood (6 months–2 years and beyond) Sample food menus and feeding schedules by age An abundance of family-friendly meals (because who really wants to cook twice?!) 70% of recipes ready in about 30 minutes or less Parent guide to frequently asked feeding questions and tips to minimize picky eating Recipes that yield large quantities, so you can cook once and enjoy repeatedly Healthy toddler snack ideas to both eat at home and take “to go” A glossary of herbs and spices and their potential health benefits Hearty, flavorful, nutritious meals, such as Warm Lentils with Cumin and Coriander, Coconut Curry Goan Fish, and the Iron Chicken Dance Recipes tested by numerous babies, toddlers, and parents around the United States   “A smart, thoughtful cookbook designed to introduce children to real food with age-appropriate textures, soothing herbs and spices, and carefully chosen ingredients that will nourish their growing bodies. Help your child develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!”—Elissa Levine, MD (Pediatrician) “This cookbook/guide is easy to follow and a wonderful addition to your kitchen references! The recipes are nutritionally sound and family friendly. Many of the recipes and suggestions in this text are the same that David and I used to raise our children, who have all grown into healthy young men who enjoy a wide variety of foods. Eating well at family-centered meals will enrich your family for generations to come! Wishing you all good health and joy!”—JuliSu DiMucci-Ward, MPH, RD, LD, CDE (Registered Dietician)

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