Watermelon Slicer & Tong by Sleeké – New Extended Silicone Cushioned Handle Made to Slice and Serve with Ease – No Mess, Less Stress

Imagine...It's a hot summer day and your loving friends and family are on their way over for that delicious lunch you're putting together. And everyone's VERY hungry!The madness begins. You have to prep all of the appetizers, get everything in order for the entrees and fix up the desserts. Oh, and don't forget you have have to slice up a watermelon or two! That's a lot to handle!Cutting up and serving watermelon for the family and especially a large party is no easy task!In fact, it's a huge PAIN in the NECK!Or at least it used to be...Stop! You don't have to go ripping your hair out from being overwhelmed! When you have the right tools a difficult task becomes easy and enjoyable.  Whether you're having a large party or a small family meal, this nifty tool is quickly becoming a must-have kitchen essential.This slicer is proven to reduce the annoying mess and allows you to cut up watermelons in less than half the time with almost NO PHYSICAL EFFORT.This beautifully custom designed slicer FEATURES:An Extended Comfort Cushioned Silicone HandleHoned Steel Edges for a Seamless SliceEasy Flip Server TongsAdjustable Width Slicing For Your Preferred Slice ThicknessA Thicker Slicing Wire for Long Term DurabilitySo put down the knife, and get your own Sleeké Slicer today!PLUS: Your Bonus Offer: An Ebook that includes mouth watering watermelon recipes for all of your cocktail, drink, salad and hearty meal cravings! With No Risk to you (seriously, none at all), click the Yellowish Add to Cart Button Now and Feel Refreshed with Sleeké!

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