Wally and the Sweet Mountain Candy Factory: An interactive story for the whole family that gets kids moving!

Say Hi to Wally. He is a candy maker and today—YOU ARE TOO! Put on your candy making hat and find a conveyor belt; there is work to be done!                                        Stretch, roll, and sprinkle!Wally dreams of becoming a candy maker—just like his dad, his dad’s dad, and his dad’s dad’s dad. It’s his first day of work and all is awesome, until EVERYTHING GOES OUT OF CONTROL! Who is causing the candy making chaos, and what will Wally do when he learns the identity of the unlikely culprit?Together pick and choose from a side column of suggested questions to ask or actions to do, to create a personal story and enrich the reading experience together.*BONUS beyond the book activities in the back, including "Wally's Wacky Taffy" personalized by the popular food blogger, THE GIRL WHO ATE EVERYTHING, and your own family tree to create and spark meaningful family conversations!For Ages 3-8. . .This story was created during the rigmarole of bedtime as a way to get our young children’s “wiggles” out. In our home, this story is told with LOTS OF ACTIONS. The children take turns lying on their stomach, pretending their back is the candy factory conveyor belt. The other family members pretend to mix, stretch, roll, sprinkle and hammer the candy!I hope this story brings as much conversation, excitement, movement, and laughter to your home as it has to ours. xoIf you love, "Pete's a Pizza" and "What Should Danny Do?" then you will love this book!

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